Freitag, 18. September 2015

Sexy Hexy Lingerie Shopping

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Isn´t the day - and even the night - better when you feel comfortable by wearing nice lingerie? I totally think so! That´s why investing in underwear that fits you perfectly & makes everything a little more itsy bitsy, is really important! It´s your body that makes you feel good or bad. Since I´ve found out that some bras are more comfortable than others - clever me... - I tried to buy the wireless lace bra version a lot more often! They are not only dainty & delicate but also a lot better for your feminine areas! Know what I mean?!

Where to buy the best lace underwear, you can read here! Just make sure you follow your intuition - if you don´t like lace bras, invest in sporty options that fit you even the same. Nobody is perfect but you can make the best out of yourself by feeling comfortable & brave! And a little itsy bitsy definitely helps here!



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