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Need To Read: The Best Coffee Table Books


Some things just need to be judged by their look, just as these books which have the most inspiring covers. Coffee Table Books exist just for one reason - to inspire their reader, or more likely to say their watcher. 10 of the best Coffee Table Books, from Fashion to Travel, are available on Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or Amazon. Just type in "inspiring books" & you will be able to find lots of great pages decorated with amazing photography or sketches! I officially picked my favourites for you, so be prepared for a pretty mix of different inspiring books!

Influence, by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen - A book about the influence of the Olsen twins in fashion industry & style. Includes interviews with famous designers! ~20€

The World in Vogue - People, stories, photographs which appeared in famous fashion magazine VOGUE covered in more than 300 photographs. Stories that have never been published from the past four decades. ~55€

MAPS - A book of maps drawn & illustrated by Aleksandra Mizielinska. Contains places, cities, countries, rivers as well as personalities, special animals & plants and different facts around the world. ~33€

To Audrey with Love, by Hubert de Givenchy - This book gathers 150 sketches by Hubert de Givenchy that was created for his muse Audrey Hepburn. Luxurious sites, from May 2014, ~ 110€.

Style Guide Paris: Eat, Sleep, Shop, by Elodie Rambaud - An parisian stylist shows us tiny streets, amazings shops & places to be. Shops, Hotels, more than 235 exclusive addresses, her favourite local hunts in Paris & around. ~20€

Think Vintage, by Piet Swimberghe & Jan Verlinde - A guide through the best vintage shops, different opinions , diverse ideas and concepts. Interiors combining old & new, photos of unpublished authors, antique dealers. ~40€

Flea Market Secrets, by Geraldine James - Tipps from an flea market expert, amazing photography of different antique interiors. ~20€

Great Budapest Hotel, by Matt Zoller Seitz - Behind the scenes of Wem Andersons Oscar-winning film. Interviews, critics & film sets as well as beautiful retro photography! ~23€

Always pack a party dress, by Amanda Brooks - Amanda Brooks about the way to find your personal style, eyploring your identitity & inspiring other women. ~18€

Chanel - Collections and Creations, by Daniele Bott - Chanel opens exclusively archives & reveals brilliant designs and sketches. About Chanels timeless look, special designs & style that made it to the most seductive brand. ~33€



*photo credits: Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie

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