Freitag, 18. September 2015

Monday, We Just Can´t Be Friends

 "Yey, Monday!", said no one - ever. Mondays can be mean. Don´t be too unmotivated, even the queen needs to survive monday mornings around fifty times a year ( Counting that on a lifetime, I think I would accomplish the wrong effect in this post... ). Remember the first time you loved waking up on monday morning because the weekend was far too long? Congratulations, you are a) in love with the hot boy on the bus to school, b) you are a work-a-holic that tries to hide behind the screen - okay, sometimes that´s me, to be honest - or c) you have a drastic psychological problem, please visit your medic! One is you? That´s ok, you´ve made it. If you absolutely can´t find yourself in ones of these three, welcome to the club!

The weekend is over, even for students like me this is quite hard. Hello university, goodbye cozy bed. And the colder it gets, the harder it will be! But whatever you´ll do, there will always be a monday in your life...

What I did in first semester? Skipped monday and made it to my free day which meant three days for weekend & relaxing in bed for two hours longer. - Let´s take a moment of silence. Amen. I know that was genius! But life came back & I´m totally at the beginning now. Let´s face it, we can´t change mondays, but we can try hating them less. Sometimes this helps...


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