Freitag, 18. September 2015

Monday Mood #1: What do you like most about getting older?

"The opportunity to decide things on my own, to drive a car, to be responsible for my own decisions." - states my sister.

"(...), whatever." - states my mister.

"To have a lot more freedom and space because I don´t have to care for my children any more. I can travel a lot, experience new ways of living and caring." - says my father. 

"Caring a lot more about me, caring less about what others think. Following my dreams & my own path. Taking steps ahead." - a friend. 

How am I even able to like growing older? Wrinkles, caring too much, working days of 8 and more hours a day, responsibility for everything and everyone, especially me. First time you read the question, you thought the same thing, right? Well, let´s stop for a while, take a deep breath and think about it twice. Growing older is absolutely natural. But we all have this Peter Pan syndrom inside our souls. We fear the age, care too much about being old. The magical 30th birthday, at the edge of being in the twenties no more. Horrible imagination for most of my friends. But isn´t growing older nothing but worse? Aren´t there beautiful side effects, just as meeting new people, living an self-controlled life, finding solutions and growing with your aims. Maybe reaching them. Fullfilling dreams. What do you think? Leave a comment, discuss, state & inspire! Share your Monday Mood!



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