Freitag, 18. September 2015

How To Imply Detox Methods Into Your Daily Life

Meßmer Detox Tea

Ever wanted to try Detox? Always shrinked back because of ignorance? Well, I know your problem! Detox means detoxicating your body from poisonous ingredients which most of the time develop by eating unhealthy meals & living an unhealthy lifestyle. We feel depressed, tired & floppy - find yourself in my words? OK, we shouldn´t feel like this! I myself want to sparkle, to rise & shine without being tired all day...

How to start a change? - Since I´ve elected fries & burgers for president, it´s extra hard for me to stay away from food like this. I don´t want to totally resign from fast food - of course I know, I´d better do this - & some chocolate for bad days. So I made up my mind & started to inform myself about some shorter detoxing methods in between where I am able to clean my body & soul for a short period of time, just to start. 

What I´ve found is the detoxing effect of ginger & nettle - both ingredients that you will find in every local supermarket! Great idea: To make up your own hydrating drinks to detox during the day without even knowing it. What I like to do is fill a bottle of water with some slices of ginger - super tasty & really healthy since the ginger is helping you to loose weight. By doing a lot more sports recently, disclaiming fast food for some days & drinking a lot, I definitely feel better - without changing a lot. 

If you´re not the biggest fan of ginger´s taste, I would recommend you to try the nettle tea by Meßmer that is officially made to detox your body. I´m drinking one cup of this herbal tea at the morning & one before going to bed. Really easy to integrate into your cozy autumn routines! Well, since you know how it works now, feel free to sparkle again, ladies!

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